Aging Parent Moving In? Here's How To Give Them The Independence And Privacy They Deserve

While your aging parent may need some help maintaining a high quality of life, it can be tough for them to let go of some of the independence they've been used to having throughout their adulthood. When your parent moves in with you, they'll need to feel productive and capable to keep their confidence up. Otherwise, you might find that they withdraw from their daily lives and show signs of depression as they transition into your household.

Minimize Foot Pain In Your New Medical Shoes With These Tips And Tricks

Scrubs make you easy to identify among patients, help to reduce eye fatigue, and make working comfortable thanks to their roomy and functional fit. And of course, they are designed to go well with medical shoes and clogs, offering an upbeat style without sacrificing comfort. While medical shoes provide plenty of support while you're on your feet all day, there are some things you can do to give your soles even more comfort and ensure that your feet never get tired on the job.

5 Incredibly Smart, Talented, And Famous People Who Rocked (And Rolled ) A Wheelchair

No matter what type or severity, living with a disability can be overwhelming. From blindness to muscular disorders, it is easy to see the emotional and physical strains of completing daily tasks with a disability. Unfortunately, loss of mobility makes completing regular tasks almost impossible. If you are one of the 2.2 million people using wheelchairs for daily life,  you are most likely familiar with the stress. Of course, living with a disability and relying on a mobility aid does not have to be so daunting.

Pain Management: 5 Reasons To Perform In-House Drug Screenings

With DEA crackdowns on narcotic pain medications, many physicians are referring their chronic pain patients to pain management clinics. Pain management clinics require additional monitoring before and during treatment with narcotics. As a pain management facility, having in-house drug screenings is beneficial to your facility and the patients who require treatment with narcotic pain medications. In-Depth Testing Your facility may limit drug screenings to urine tests. Not all drugs can be identified purely on urine tests.

How Can You Maximize Your Recovery From Foot Surgery?

If you've recently scheduled surgery for your foot or ankle, you may be worried about a lengthy recovery process and wonder how you can speed up the process to regain motion and mobility (or simply return to work). Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take both before and after surgery to increase your odds of a successful, complication-free recovery. Read on to learn more about the ways you can help make the most of your recovery process and gain healthy movement as quickly as possible.