Maintaining An Ultrasound Machine

The ultrasound machine is an incredibly useful piece of medical equipment that allows healthcare professionals to monitor and detect systems that they would otherwise be unable to with the human eye. To keep your office or clinic operating efficiently, you need to maintain the equipment properly. Learn what measures you can take to accomplish this goal.


Regularly inspect the condition of the ultrasound machine. If you regularly use the machine, such as several times a day, you might want to commit to weekly inspections. If you use the machine less often, monthly inspections might be sufficient. As part of the inspection, you want to look at the condition of the housing on the transducer. 

While the monitor system is helpful, if there is a problem with the transducer, you won't be able to capture any images. When looking at the transducer, look for signs of cracking. Cracks can occur if the piece is often dropped on the ground. If you notice a crack, ensure you have the transducer replaced as soon as possible to ensure you can capture clear images. 


You must regularly clean the ultrasound machine, especially the transducer. First and foremost, periodic cleaning is important because it helps reduce the risk of germ transfer, even if you are placing a protective barrier over the transducer during patient use. Cleaning is also necessary because it protects the transducer sensor. 

For example, some ultrasound gels contain alcohol. The alcohol latches on to the transducer pad and dries it out. When the lens dries out, it won't capture images with the same level of accuracy that it did in the past. Make sure you clean the transducer with an approved cleaner after each use to prevent this issue. 


Be mindful of where you place the machine in the room and where you place the ultrasound system during use. Most important is to keep the device as close to you as possible. If the machine is too far away, you can put a strain on the power cord, which can damage the internal wires in the cord and cause a short to form. 

You should also be mindful that the cord is not bunched up during storage, especially for long-term storage. A cord that is bent or bunched up is also susceptible to damage. Store the ultrasound machine in a way that keeps the cord straight 

Follow these tips to ensure the ultrasound machine remains a useful piece of screening equipment in your medical office.  Contact a service, like Ultimate Biomedical Solutions, for more help.